Together, we fast track your project to the next level

Onboard Ventures is the Open Innovation Initiative of Ficosa & Idneo.

From Barcelona and San Francisco, our mission is to support technology-based startups and bring them into consolidated business. Our unique eco-system includes

A unique customer portfolio including all vehicle OEM and relevant brands in Medical Devices, Consumer Electronics and Industry 4.0.

Showcase your MVP in front of market leaders and transform it into differentiating business models

A global network of product design and manufacturing capacities to deliver best-in-class solutions

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Your MVP is available, and you need to validate your Business Model with real use cases.  You are starting business operations and need to bring your MVP to a finished product.

Open Innovation

You have customers on board and for looking scaling capacity. We offer the possibility to create a business together, and you give you access to Ficosa and Idneo customer portfolio.

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