• What is Onboard Ventures ?

    Onboard Ventures is the Venture Partner of Ficosa and Idneo. Ficosa is a major automotive supplier with a global presence and a wide product portfolio related to autonomous driving, connected vehicles, and e-driving. Idneo, a solution supplier based in Barcelona and San Francisco is offering engineering solutions and key turns products in Industry 4.0 Medical devices and consumer electronics.

  • Why is it different than Venture Capital?

    We are not a financial institution. Our focus is to develop business relationships with your startup in order to consolidate your project and bring it to the next level. In particular, our focus will be to focus into your business development.

  • Are we an accelerator or incubator?

    No. We are not. We are bringing clear support to develop the business and consolidate your project. We are focusing in developing business relationships with the startups and be a partner.

  • Why apply to Onboard Ventures?

    Because we look for talent, not ideas. We give the ability to leverage your project with the unfair advantage of our global reach including resources, technology and capabilities.

    The objective of Onboard Ventures is to bring clear and tangible support to your project.  Ficosa and Idneo are best in-class product development organization in major verticals like automotive or industrial 4.0.

    Being in the Onboard Ventures family will give access to resources including:

    • Our commercial portfolio including car players and major industrial partners.
    • Development capacities (vehicle sensor data, Hardware devices in the, vehicle sensor data).
    • Global office network in Barcelona, Lindau, Detroit San Francisco and Shanghai.
    • Industrialization and manufacturing capacities.
    • Advanced engineering project.
    • A great team of professionals.
  • What are the output of our selection process?

    We are offering different alternatives depending on the project maturity and needs, including:

    • Partnerships within our customer portfolio.
    • Show cases with customers.
    • Co-development to bring your MVP to final product.
    • Financial support.
    • Participation in R&D projects
  • What are we looking for?

    We are looking for technologies, software and services to propose innovative applications and business models related with:

    • Mobility
    • E-driving
    • Smart Vision
    • Driving experience
    • Industry 4.0
    • Medical devices

    We are open to all projects. However, we will put the projects with the following criteria:

    • Existing legal entity.
    • Minimum 2 founders with full time dedications.
    • Having passed by a 1st investment round.
    • Having through an incubator/ accelerator process
  • When and How can I apply?

    Apply for the Program Discovery, designed for Seed + Early Stage here
    (deadline 31.03.17).

    Apply for Program Open Innovation for Growth stage here
    (deadline 31.03.17).

  • Where are we located ? Do I have to move to a specific city?

    Ficosa and Idneo are sharing offices networks in Barcelona, Lindau, Detroit, San Francisco, Bangalore and Shanghai.

    Being a member of Onboard Ventures family doesn’t not require any physical presence and can give you access to any of our offices.

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