Our mission is to support technology-based projects and bring them into consolidated business. Our collaboration includes

  • Access to a unique customer eco-system including OEM Carmakers and other global brands.
  • Design for manufacturing experience and production facilities.
  • An access to development platforms to showcase your MVP and transform it into a final product.
  • An experienced team ready to identify the best business cases.
  • A global network in the main auto cities: Barcelona, Köln, Shanghai, Bangalore, Detroit and Silicon Valley.
  • Access to Capital to scale up your Project.

We are looking for  Technologies, Software, and Services with a high innovative value proposition among Mobility, Medical Devices, Industry 4.0 and Consumer Electronics


All aspect of developing Mobility as a Service including the vehicle experience using connectivity with other vehicles and their eco-system (streets, traffics lights, highways, buses, trucks, bikes…).

Smart vision

Advanced Driving Assistance Systems to improve any aspects of the vehicle experience using vision techniques (inside and outside the vehicle) and make possible the autonomous driving.

Smart mirrors

New materials and technologies related with displays, hub, rearview mirrors, lenses or plastic glasses.


Innovative charging process including wireless charging and energy creation and distribution (like Vehicle to Vehicle energy transactions).

Smart driving

Solutions to enhance the driving experience based on vehicle data sensors.

Industry 4.0

Innovative B2B applications and business model related with industrial and smart cities environments.

Medical devices

Innovative applications useful for diagnostics and in-vitro medical devices.

We are the missing Think Big component to take your project to the next level.